Make Bill poor

Fight polio

Every dollar you donate to polio eradication will become three dollars, thanks to a 2-to-1 match from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. However Bill does not have infinite dollar bucket. He has only 79,500,000,000 dollars. That is is his net worth. So how much would each of us had to give to bankrupt Bill? Let's find out! (Drag his head, duh.) Visit our map visualisation.



Bill is giving away 0% of his money.
Data behind this:
Net worth ... 79,500,000,000 $
2-to-1 (half) ... 39,750,000,000 $
With 2-to-1 for each dollar we give, Bill has to give 2. This means we have to donate half of his net worth.
Austria ... 8,572,895
Europe ... 508,000,000
DACH ... 98,026,432
Note: In reality Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation allocated about 355,000,000 $ for polio.

All the fun aside. Polio is hell of a dangerous and scary disease. Consider donation. Visit for more information. More about polio eradication.